Fishing Tough Summertime Conditions

Summertime fishing can be great, but it can also be ultra-tough. Imagine being out on the water when it’s hot, sticky, and miserable, and the fish just aren’t biting. It’s frustrating, right? Don’t worry, though. I’m here to help you beat the heat and catch more bass, even when the fishing gets tough. Today, I’m going to share my top three patterns for summer fishing: deeper water, thicker cover, and current. Plus, I’ll give you two bait choices for each pattern to load up your tackle box. Here we go!

First, let’s talk about fishing deeper. When the water temperature climbs into the 80s and even the 90s, bass often move to deeper, cooler areas. In some places, deep might mean 10 to 20 feet, while in others, it could be as shallow as 5 feet or as deep as 40 feet. My go-to technique for deep water is a drop shot rig. It’s a finesse setup with a weight at the bottom and a baited hook 4 to 20 inches above it.

I love using a Berkley MaxScent Flatworm for this rig. It mimics a distressed baitfish and stays in place, dancing just above the bottom. This subtle action can coax even the most reluctant bass into biting. Use light line, like 10 lb braid with a 6-10 lb fluorocarbon leader, and nose hook the bait for the best action. Another great option for deep water is a jig head minnow, like the Berkley PowerBait Switch. Its built-in jig head keeps the bait horizontal, making it look natural and tempting to bass.

Next up is thick cover conditions. In the heat of the summer, some bass stay shallow but hide in thick cover to escape the sun and boat traffic. One of my favorite techniques for fishing thick cover is the punch rig. This setup includes a heavy tungsten weight, a bobber stop, and a straight shank flipping hook. I recommend using a MaxScent Creature Hawg as your bait.

Its minimal appendages allow it to slip through thick grass mats, bushes, and other heavy cover easily. Another fantastic option for thick cover is a frog. Use a walking or popping style frog to fish over grass mats, docks, and other thick cover. The frog will call the bass up from underneath, and it’s a thrilling way to catch fish!

Finally, let’s discuss current. Whether it’s from rivers, dam releases, wind-driven currents, or even boat traffic, current areas are great for fishing. They provide cooler, oxygenated water and attract baitfish. One of my favorite baits for fishing in current is a compact jig, like the Missile Baits Mini Flip. Pair it with a 3-inch trailer like the Berkley Pit Boss for a killer combination. Another great option is a spinnerbait. I know a lot of people have switched to chatterbaits and other lures, but don’t forget about the good old spinnerbait. Its flash and vibration make it perfect for current areas, especially when you need to attract non-feeding fish.

Remember these three key patterns: deeper water, thicker cover, and current. By focusing on these areas and using the right baits, you’ll be able to catch bass even in the toughest summer conditions. Don’t let the heat and boat traffic discourage you. Stay patient and persistent, and you’ll find success. I hope you find these tips helpful and that they improve your summertime fishing experience. If you liked this blog, be sure to check out my YouTube channel, Mike Iaconelli Fishing, for more tips and tricks. Thanks for reading, and happy fishing!



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